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Welcome! Eileen is a warm, caring, and authentic counselor who enjoys spending time in nature and with family. Making a Change Eileen and her family initially relocated from Northern British Columbia to SK in 2011 to start a position as an Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultant and then moved into the Early Childhood Psychologist position and …

Online Counselling

Therapeutic support through Teletherapy (video, email chat, and phone).

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Online Counselling

If you or anyone you know has thoughts of harm towards self or other, do not hesitate to call the Canada Suicide Prevention Service (CSPS) at 1-833-456-4566, call 911, or visit your nearest emergency room.
If you are within Saskatoon, you can also call Mobile Crisis at 306-933-6200.

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Chat with me for 15-30 min as an initial meeting to determine if we are a good fit.

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